Similar with small bubble wrap, shinerpack bubble wrap roll is one of the top choices for wrapping and protecting goods worldwide. For its numerous benefits, bubble wrap roll is one of our staples. Why should you choose it next time when you need to pack fragile goods? Here are 5 of the most vital benefits for shinerpack bubble wrap roll.

1. Shinerpack bubble wrap roll is an excellent insulator against impacts.

Bubble wrap roll has ultimate cushioning performance for fragile goods by absorbing shock and protecting them from damage. It is exceedingly goods at suspending your fragile items in the box with the bubble of air and keeping them safe and secure during shipping. Most importantly, these types of bubble wrap can be made into bigger bubble size. Better performance and lower damage rate.

2. Shinerpack bubble wrap roll is reusable.

When you have done your air bubble wrap, don’t throw it away since it can be used again and again until it is significantly damaged. You can wrap them in rolls and keep them as it doesn’t take much space. Whenever you want to pack any valuable fragile items, it works.

3. Shinerpack bubble wrap roll is cost-effective.

Bubble wrap roll is very cost-effective. It not only means the cost of the roll itself but also the benefits it shows. Since it is deflated when ship and inflated when needed, it helps you to lower storage space and cost. Much better than small bubble wrap that inflated when ship that takes much space.

4. Shinerpack bubble wrap roll is easy to use.

As mentioned above, shinerpack bubble wrap roll is deflated when ship. If so, how can we inflate it? Our bubble wrap roll can be easily inflated by an air cushion machine that inflating air and hot sealing the films by it. And machine is available from us that can also inflate others types of films like void filling air pillows bags and so on with high quality.

5. Shinerpack bubble wrap roll is flexible.

Bubble wrap roll can protect almost any kinds of small goods since it is flexible and can wrap any shapes of goods you want. And it also can be used to protect plants, pad knees and so on.

In conclusion, shinerpack bubble wrap roll have 5 most vital benefits:

  1. As an excellent insulator against impacts.
  2. Reusable.
  3. Cost-effective.
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Flexible.

Bubble wrap roll is an excellent packing material. A roll of bubble wrap roll from shinerpack is a small investment for your packages. Contact us online to learn more about our bubble wrap rolls.