What is air pillows?

Air pillows, are also known as air pillow bags, air cushion bags. It is a kinds of plastic pockets that shaping like a pillow and are filled with air and sealed. They are in uninflated condition when shipped and stored.

What are air pillows used for?

-cushioning packaging

-filling void from the packing box

-prevent shifting


-keeping goods’ shape

What are air pillow films made of?

Air pillows, is made of anyone of HDPE material (high-density polyethylene), LDPE material (Low-density polyethylene), PA(nylon)+PE co-extrusion materials, or biodegradable materials.

Normally HDPE material is the most popular material in the market.

Why use air pillows for packaging?

-lightweight: air pillow film contains 99% of air and only 1% of films. The lightweight makes the transport cost lower.

customer convenience: It offers convenience to consumers to use by using air pillow machine for inflation. Besides, it is also easier for consumers to handle the air pillow bags than some of other packaging materials like packing peanuts and foams.

-some of them are recyclable and/or reusable: For HDPE or LDPE air pillow bags, they are recyclable with recycling level #2 and #4. It is friendly for the environment. In addition, it is reusable and not single-use pack.

-custom available for publicity: It is a good way to create brand awareness for their own brand if custom and logo printing for the air cushion bags.

-good protection for resisting the damage in transit: Air pillows is a good solution to fill void and protect contents from shifting because of its filling of air to cushion the impact.

-economy: because it is flat before use, it takes small volume of storage space. It is great to save storage space and money.

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