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What is Air Cushion Machine?

Air cushion machine is a new kinds of mini packaging machine. Normally it is also called air pillow machine, air bubble machine, mini air cushion machine, etc. These names are derived from its function for inflating various types of films like air bubble films, air pillow bags, multi pillow cushion

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How to Pack and Ship Frame Artwork Safely – Air Column Bag

Packing frame artwork need extra attention for shipping. If not properly packing the frame artwork, it maybe damaged in transit. We recommend packing frame artwork by air column bags and with box outside. You need to prepare: air column bags for frame based on your frame sizes. inflation tool like

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Air Pillows: a good choice for safety packaging

What is air pillows? Air pillows, are also known as air pillow bags, air cushion bags. It is a kinds of plastic pockets that shaping like a pillow and are filled with air and sealed. They are in uninflated condition when shipped and stored. What are air pillows used

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Air Cushion Machine – Good Partner of Inflatable Packaging

Recent year, inflatable protective packaging materials are more and more popular. Like bubble wrap rolls and air pillows And more and more people are looking for purchasing this kind of packaging material for own use or reselling. However, some of them stand still after knowing that inflating these HDPE/LDPE

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Inflatable Protective Packaging Bubble Wrap Roll

Shenzhen Shiner Packaging Co., Ltd can provide a protective packaging solution to replace bubble wrap. Introducing shinerpack bubble wrap roll which is better package protection for wrapping and also void filling. Width from 40cm (normal size)-100cm Length 300m(normal), customizable Thickness 20±2micron Perforated size perforated with each 32cm Bubble size large

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5 Differences Between Large and Regular Bubble Wrap Film

1. Bigger bubble sizes Compared with regular bubble wrap, large bubble wrap film is with bigger bubbles. Mainly, the bubble sizes are 44mm before inflated. Without doubt, with bigger bubble sizes, it will have better protection performance than regular bubble wrap. 2. Row of cells design Rather than each cell

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5 Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap Roll for Packing

Similar with small bubble wrap, shinerpack bubble wrap roll is one of the top choices for wrapping and protecting goods worldwide. For its numerous benefits, bubble wrap roll is one of our staples. Why should you choose it next time when you need to pack fragile goods? Here are 5 of the most vital

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