Wine bottle package – Air column bag for wine bottle 

Wine bottle package - keep your wine bottle safety fragile products, Wine bottle     According to research, the average breakage rate of fragile products during transportation is about 3%. If the product transported is wine bottle, and the profit is not particularly high, a breakage rate of about 3% is likely to bring a

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How to Pack and Ship Frame Artwork Safely – Air Column Bag

Packing frame artwork need extra attention for shipping. If not properly packing the frame artwork, it maybe damaged in transit. We recommend packing frame artwork by air column bags and with box outside. You need to prepare: air column bags for frame based on your frame sizes. inflation tool like

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Air cushion machine or air column machine?

Some of our customers are a little confused about the differences between our air cushion machine and air column machine, wandering that whether they are with the same function or not. Today we would like to talk about this topic. The material that they can inflate are different. Usually,

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The Basic Knowledgement of Air Column Packaging

Air column bag is a pliable PA/PE co-extrusion plastic material used for packing fragile items. Unlike bubble wrap, Air Column Bags have a valve to allow the air column to be inflated or sometimes deflated to provide cushioning for fragile items. Normally, Air Column Bag is made of Pe/Pe co-extrusion film. With different ratio of

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