Fast, on-demand air cushion system: air cushion machine, air pillow machine, air pillow maker

What is Air Cushion Machine?

Air cushion machine is a new kinds of mini packaging machine. Normally it is also called air pillow machine, air bubble machine, mini air cushion machine, etc. These names are derived from its function for inflating various types of films like air bubble films, air pillow bags, multi pillow cushion

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Air Cushion Machine – Good Partner of Inflatable Packaging

Recent year, inflatable protective packaging materials are more and more popular. Like bubble wrap rolls and air pillows And more and more people are looking for purchasing this kind of packaging material for own use or reselling. However, some of them stand still after knowing that inflating these HDPE/LDPE

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Air cushion machine or air column machine?

Some of our customers are a little confused about the differences between our air cushion machine and air column machine, wandering that whether they are with the same function or not. Today we would like to talk about this topic. The material that they can inflate are different. Usually,

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FAQs for S2 Air Cushion Machine

Below are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for our S2 air cushion machine. 1. What is air cushion machine? Air cushion machine, also called air pillow machine, is a kind of automatically inflating machine for those films that need to be both inflated and hot sealed like air pillow bag,

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