Air Pillows: a good choice for safety packaging

What is air pillows? Air pillows, are also known as air pillow bags, air cushion bags. It is a kinds of plastic pockets that shaping like a pillow and are filled with air and sealed. They are in uninflated condition when shipped and stored. What are air pillows used

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Can my air cushion machine make newly bought air cushion film?

Many customers asked us the question that whether our air cushion machines are compatible also with films from other suppliers in their local so now we are talking about what you need to check with films suppliers. (Taking our air cushion machine S2 as an example.) 01 The films air

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The Benefits of Using Air Pillows for Safe Shipping

When it comes to void fill for shipping protection, air pillows are effectively the 'new guy in town'. The ecommerce giant Amazon has led by example and made the switch to air pillows thanks to their ease-of-use and low cost, not to mention they are more environmentally-friendly when compared to alternative forms of void fill.

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