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Place of registration: Shenzhen, China

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Main products: air pillow packaging, air column packaging, air cushion machine, air column making machine, bubble packaging

Main Office: D Building, D Zone, Canbo Industrial Park, Loucun 1st Industrial Estate
Guangming, Shenzhen, China
Phone: 86.769.8335.0356
Mobile(WhatsApp): 86.189.3803.2352

    Shenzhen, China /Sales Manager

    D zone, Canbo Industrial Park,
    Xinhu Sreet, Guangming District

    Shenzhen, China
    6 Flour, D Building

    Distributor Recruitment

    We are pleased to explore business opportunities to deliver Shiner Packaging’s creative & sustainable air packaging products that are popularly used in various fields, for example, industrial and household use, to our global clients and customers.

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