Many customers are confused about the inflating method of air column bag. Need machine or not? How to hot seal the air column bag? Today we conclude 3 ways for you about how to inflate air column bags.

1. Light users

If you are light users or want to inflate the samples only, a hand pump is okay since air column bags will lock air itself after inflated. It is with one-way valves.

Below is our wine air bag inflating video by using hand pump.

Steps as below:

1. Find air inlet according to the arrows’ direction on the valve

2. Insert the hand pump to the air inlet

3. Start inflate until the bag is full

2. Medium users

If you don’t want to buy machine and want to lower cost, a mini air compressor is also okay for you and air column machine is not a must. Air column machine is for automatically inflating and need air supply from air compressor.

Using air compressor only, you need to find the air inlet and inflate air into the bag by hand.

Mini air compressor inflating air column bag video as below.

The step is as similar as using hand pump. The only difference is changing the tools to air compressor.

3. Heavy users

If you are heavy users and want to inflate by machine, we recommend you to use air column machine working with air compressor to inflate as below video.

In total, let’s make a conclusion for these 3 ways of inflating air column bags for different type of users.

User TypesInflating Tools
Light usershand pump
Medium usersair compressor
Heavy usersair column machine with air compressor

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