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According to research, the average breakage rate of fragile products during transportation is about 3%.

If the product transported is wine bottle, and the profit is not particularly high, a breakage rate of

about 3% is likely to bring a certain amount to the company loss.

If a company wants to develop in the long-term, the biggest reliance is often on the customer.

We take wine bottle package as an example.


If the packaging of red wine is extremely safe, the damage rate is very low or even 0 damage rate,

then the customer will definitely take it when receiving the goods points to a good impression.


After the promotion is launched, the number of customers will gradually increase with the tide.

This will not only maintain stable old customers, but also expand a large number of new customers.

If something similar happens in the future, it may bring bad effects.


  • First, the customer experience will definitely have some adverse reactions;
  • Second,  company’s direct profit loss.


The same is true in other fields, such as electronic components, handicrafts, porcelain, etc.

So it’s better to choose an excellent protector from the start of your business.


Air column bag


The unit price of the air column bag product is slightly higher than other types of inflatable bag products,

but it is also a low-cost packaging product in terms of the overall cost, and the price of other protective packaging materials is almost the same.


What’s more, the air column bag packaging products are clean and tidy.

When packaging products such as red wine, they often give people a very high-end feeling, which is impressive.


Inflatable machine:

Air column machine




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