Project Description

Are you worried about your hard disk in transportation? Although the hard disk is not expensive, the data in it is valuable. Whether business users or personal users, hard disk drive need to be carefully moved or transported.  Shinerpack air column bag is made of high quality PE/PA raw materials,  it is strong and durable, with good air-tightness and good protection. So it is several times more resistant and flexible than other products!

Air column bag is a new kind of  inflatable protective packaging materials.  The columns are separated from each other, if one column is broke, others sitll can protect your products. Air column bag provides reliable protection for Hard Disk Drive or other fragile electronic product from impact or bruising.

Here are some of advantages of air column cushion bags:

  1. Excellent protection: made of high-strength Pa/Pe materials, providing excellent cushion protection.
  2. Waterproof & dustproof: certain degree of waterproof and dustproof.
  3. Good product image: transparent packaging leaving a good product image to customers.
  4. Easy to pack: It can be inflated with a manual pump. After inflation, it is automatically closed, and the packing is convenient.
  5. Saving warehouse space: It is as thin as a piece of paper before inflation saving storage space.
  6. Inflating tools: hand pump, electronic pump, auto inflating machine.
  7. Logo & slogan printing available.
  8. Default thickness: 0.06 mm

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