Project Description

Product Description

Air column packaging film is a pliable PA/PE co-extrusion material used for packing fragile items. Unlike bubble wrap, air column film has a valve to allow the film to be inflated to provide cushioning for fragile items. So, it can be shipped and inflated on-demand. Once inflated the continuous valve seals each air column independently from each other, one column broke, others still work perfectly.

Air column film provides excellent air cushioning protection for various fragile products with smooth surface. 360-degree cushioning gives fragile items the best protection from damage of impact, bruising, breakage. It can be used to pack fragile good such as fruits, glass bottles, mobile phone, pottery and porcelain and any fragile items with smooth surface.

Product Details

Width: 15cm~115cm
Length: 300 meters
Thickness: 0.06 mm (60μm)
Certification: SGS, Rohs, Msds
Inflating method: hand pump, electric pump, auto inflating machine

Request for Quotation

    Air Column Making Machine

    • Fast inflating speed at 15 meters per minute.
    • Ajustable Ac 110v ~ 220v .
    • Weight: 22 kg.
    • Demenstion: 730*300*290mm
    • Ajustable inflating speed and air pressure.
    • Applicable to inflating air column film, L air column bag, U air column bag, continous valve air column pillows, continous valve bubble cushion film.
    air column making machine