Project Description

Bubble Wrap Protective Bag

Simplify the packaging process and save storage space. On-demand bubble protective bags help improve packaging efficiency and reduce operation complexity. Optimized packaging realizes fast and safe delivery of fragile products.

  1. 360 degree surrounding cushion protection. Products are fully protected.
  2. Fast packing. Great mount bags can be inflaled in minutes by using air cushion machine.
  3. Beneficial from its large bubble, bubble bag featured of excellent cushioning protective performance.
  4. Wide range of application. Bubble protective bag can be used to any fragile goods, such as glass items, laboratory materials, musical instruments, technological accessories, marble, tiles, porcelains, optical instruments, and valuable collectibles.
  5. Saving space. Thin as paper before inflating, ships flat, stores flat, and inflates when you need it, requiring significantly less storage space than other bulky packaging materials.
  6. Saving time. With air cushion machine, you can make dozens of protective bag per minute.

Product Details

Material: Hdpe, ldpe, pa/pe
Size: Customization
Color: Half-transparent

Front view of bubble wrap protective bag
End view of bubble wrap protective bag

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