Project Description

Product Description

Q021 air column making machine is designed to inflate all series of air column packaging. It can make air column packaging automatically with max inflating speed at 66 feet per minute. It helps  to improve packaging efficiency and make effective air cushion packaging.


  • High efficiency, adjustable speed.
  • Save space.  Small machine takes less warehouse room.
  • Simple operation, easy to learn.
  • Stable performance, the air pressure of each air column is uniform.
  • English operation interface, plugs from all countries can be matched.
  • It can make all series of air column packaging including Q, L, U air column bag and air column roll.


  1. Saving Cost
    The machine helps in minimizing labor, packaging material and storage costs associated with packaging. It is simple to use and  needs less labor in business owner’s packaging and shipments.
  2. Saving time
    It produces on-demand air column packaging ( Q, L, U air column bag and air column film) with 20 meters max (66 feet) per minute. High efficiency saves you more time to do other profitable things
  3. Saving space
    With a little machine, packing your products to world. The machine size is only 100*80*45cm with about 60kg. It is a lightweight and needs small space to operate.
  4. Saving is earning. Effective protective packaging is important to control shipping damage. Using air cushion packaging and air column bag machine, it is a good choice to improve your bussiness.

Product Specification

Model : Q021
Material: Steel /Plastic
Speed: 20 meters per minute
Capacity: 300W
Input voltage: AC 110V -220V /50-60HZ
Size: 1000*800*450mm(L*W*H)
Net weight: 60 KG
Certificate: CE
Warranty: 12 months

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    What Can Q021 Air Column Making Machine Do?

    The machine is suitable for all series of air column packaging. It can be used to inflating Q air column bag, L air column bag, U air column bag and air column packing film.

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