Project Description

Product Description


  1. Unlike air pillows, single valve air pillow bag can be inflated using hand pump. For small users, it saves a air cushion machine.
  2. Easy to use and simple to packaging. It is easy to inflate by hand pump in seconds.
  3. It is made of PA/PE co-extrusion material. Compared with air pillows, it is more tougher and resilient than regular air pillow packaging.
  4. Before inflation, it is as thin as paper and takes up less storage space.


  1. Saving Cost
    All you need is a hand pump to make your pillows and package your product. You don’t have to buy a air cushion machine.
  2. Saving space
    Thin as a piece of paper before inflation, it saves your valuable warehouse.
  3. Ease to use. No need to learn how to use air cushion machine, you make your pillows with hand pump. And, Everyone knows how to inflate balls by using hand pump.

Product Specification

Material: PA/PE co-extrusion
Size: 10*15cm, 10*20cm, 10*25cm, 10*30cm, 15*15cm, 15*20cm, 15*25cm, 20*20cm, 20*25cm, 20*30cm, 25*30cm, 25*35cm, 25*40cm, 30*35cm, 30*40cm, 30*50cm
Thickness: 50 μm (0.05mm)
Certificate: Rohs
Application: Void fill, Block & Brace

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