Project Description

Air column bag uses multiple yet independent air columns to provide a protective packaging solution for fragile bottles. If an individual air column fails, the remaining air columns still can protect the wine from breaking. It is easy to inflate by using hand pump, electronic pump or air compressor.

  1. Excellent protection: made of high-strength Pa/Pe materials, providing excellent cushion protection.
  2. Waterproof & dustproof: certain degree of waterproof and dustproof.
  3. Good product image: transparent packaging leaving a good product image to customers.
  4. Easy to pack: It can be inflated with a manual pump. After inflation, it is automatically closed, and the packing is convenient.
  5. Saving warehouse space: It is as thin as a piece of paper before inflation saving storage space.
  6. Inflating tools: hand pump, electronic pump, auto inflating machine

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