Some of our customers are a little confused about the differences between our air cushion machine and air column machine, wandering that whether they are with the same function or not. Today we would like to talk about this topic.

  1. The material that they can inflate are different.

Usually, air cushion machine can inflate the films that with one hole and need to be hot sealed like HDPE/LDPE air cushion films, air bubble wrap rolls and air pillows bags.

Below the films rolls that our air cushion machine S2 can inflate:

What kinds of film can be inflated with air cushion machine

While as for air column machine, it can inflate films that with one-way valve and not need to be hot sealed such as PA/PE air column wrap rolls, air column bags in rolls and any other films like that. They can lock air automatically once air in the films.

Below the rolls types that our air column machine S6 can inflate:

What kinds of film can be inflated with air column machine
  1. Difference between needing air supply or not.

Air cushion machine don’t need air supply and it can blow air by itself. However, air column machine need air supply from an air compressor.

  1. Different operating principles

Air cushion machine can blow air to the films and hot seal it when operating.

But as for air column machine, it cannot inflate air by itself. Need to work with an air compressor. As an automatic machine, its role is to replace manual inflation with high labor cost.

All in all, air column machine and air cushion machine are totally two different machines with different applications.

Air Cushion MachinesAir Column Machines
Hot sealYesNo
Air supplyBlow air itselfNeed air compressor
Inflatable filmsfilms with one hole and need to be hot sealedPA+PE types with one-way valve

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